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My name is Badi Marcel Mibiuba Tolo. I grew up in a small college town in Laramie, Wyoming and I’m a self proclaimed athlete, artist, designer and sports enthusiast. I started Court Vision Creative, LLC in 2010 as a means of using my Graphic Design Degree from the University of Wyoming and 5+ years of experience (at the time) to build a portfolio and target a career in sports. Now going on 11 years of experience, I’ve done design work through Court Vision Creative, LLC and some of my job opportunities for sports institutions across the country from High School Athletics to Collegiate Athletics to even doing work for a Fortune 500 company like EAS.

I currently work as the Art Director for Kroenke Sports and Entertainment where I’m grateful to have the opportunity to lead a team of talented designers where we work closely with the marketing, web and broadcast teams to deliver exceptional media for our fans of the Denver Nuggets, Colorado Avalanche, Colorado Mammoth and Colorado Rapids.

About me personally, my passion for sports started at a very young age. My dad was a pretty good soccer player in his day so I played soccer for almost 10 years. When I got to middle school I fell in love with the game of basketball. I played the point guard position for a number of years and I always loved the challenge of creating opportunities for my teammates to be successful in the game. That’s how I came up with the name Court Vision Creative, LLC.

Court Vision is defined as a player’s ability to see everything on the court during play in order to enable him to make the best decisions for his team. At Court Vision Creative, LLC, we use this principle when working with our clients. We will work with you to be aware of where your competition is and where we, as teammates, are as we make our move to deliver a winning product.

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  • Brand Strategy 80%
  • Internet Marketing 60%
  • App Development 50%
  • Customer Happiness 90%

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